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July / August 2020 Edition

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Horse's Mouth

With Fiona Todd

I’m pretty sure I heard a collective sigh of relief across the nation as lockdown rules slowly relaxed and we started getting out and about again with our ponies. I can’t wait to see everyone’s Facebook feed with competition photos and smiling faces. As we all know – it’s been a while!

In this edition, Equestrian Hub launches its new member platform: look for magazines, training tips, prize draws, and loyalty points, with much more to be added as we follow our vision for making the Equestrian Hub your virtual equestrian hang out.

To help you get back into the swing of things – and to make sure you and your mounts enjoy the experience – resident coach Charlie Brister offers his top 10 tips for making your journey back to post-COVID life as smooth as possible. And while we’re on the subject, best grab the opportunity afforded by the transition period to up the game on your own fitness! Champion eventer Amanda Ross has all you need to know to lift your riding to the next level.

Candida Baker has been down in the Snowy Mountains to investigate the plight of our beautiful Brumbies. Let’s do all we can to support our national treasure – and thank you, Carol Hancock, for our gorgeous cover image.

Editor Amanda Mac talks to internationally recognised artist Lyn Beaumont in Culture Corner – and stay tuned, because we have some seriously amazing creatives lined up for future issues.

Those of us who float horses between Queensland and NSW will be well aware of the truly dreadful stop at the Kirra Tick Gate. Journalist Sonia Caeiro Alvarez investigates the many facets of this problem and speaks to some of those affected, including change spokesperson Melinda Rechichi.

On the subject of our horse’s feet, the Horse Listener looks at Palmer angles and Master Farrier David Farmilo hops onto this issue’s Tackbox to talk about horse’s legs and, you guessed it, their hooves. What should you be looking for when buying a new horse? Here’s a clue: no hoof, no horse!

With the breeding season approaching, equine nutritionist Leisa Hofstetter explains how your mare’s fertility can be supported with correct nutrition, and we talk to Agnes Banks Equine Vets about insemination.

New Zealand’s Mount View Stud is renowned for breeding internationally successful show jumping champions. Geoff McLean takes a look at the story behind that success story, while new columnist Francine Pullman writes about the magnificent Anglo-Arabian in our regular Breed feature.
Kristen Fleet keeps her head firmly on her shoulders with this issue’s equipment piece on all things helmet, and also explains why she’s added an Icelandic riding holiday to her bucket list … just wait till you see the photos!

In her regular Life After Racing column, Jo McKinnon talks to Queenslander Jane Gollan to find out more about the journey a Thoroughbred makes as it transitions into civilian life. She also reveals a brand new initiative designed to maximise the successful re-homing of our OTT friends.

Training Tips is all about Western presentation – which is pretty spectacular by anyone’s standards – and our Young Rider is the high flying Amelia Douglass. And this issue’s Horse in History offers a bit of a mystery! Neil Quinlan has written a fascinating article on Picasso, America’s most famous wild mustang. But is Picasso really a horse in history, or is he still roaming the wide open spaces of the Colorado plains?
Then to close HorseVibes’ jam-packed July/August issue, Charlie asks champion eventer Boyd Martin twenty very interesting questions, and gets some equally interesting answers!

So as usual, pour your favourite tipple, sit back and enjoy!

In this issue - july / August 2020

Is there a fair future for Australia’s Brumbies?

Brumbies are a beloved national icon, but they are also considered a feral pest by some, writes CANDIDA BAKER of the troubled future facing the horses that carry so much of Australia’s cultural heritage.

Fit for purpose

She’s an equestrian coach, world class eventer, and she rides for Australia. Amanda Ross’ career has been extraordinary, and her commitment to fitness absolute. AMANDA MAC asked her for tips on how to up your fitness game to help take your riding to the next level.

Tick gate death trap

With every good reason, the equestrian community is rallying over an out-dated border crossing. SONIA CAEIRO ALVAREZ investigates.

Lock down is over – so let’s get riding!

With the first six months of the riding year lost to bushfires and the pandemic, CHARLIE BRISTER offers a few tips to get you back into full competition mode.

Breeding 101

You’ve decided to breed a foal! But before you do, there are a few important basics to consider. To help you on your way, we sourced the expert advice of Mark Wiggett and Jenny Watts, veterinarians at the Agnes Banks Equine Clinic.

Advocate for off the track

Have you ever wondered how an off the track Thoroughbred is transitioned into ‘civilian’ life? As you may have guessed, it’s quite a process. JO MCKINNON spoke to Jane Gollan to find out more.

The land of ice
and fire

Defined by its volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, hot springs and lava fields, KRISTEN FLEET has already added an Icelandic holiday on horseback to her bucket list.

A heads up
on helmets

Value your head! You only have one and damage to it can result in life changing consequences. KRISTEN FLEET takes a look at what’s what in the protective headwear department.

Picture perfect

With her work hanging in the homes of HRH Princess Anne and the Duchess of Bedford, Lyn Beaumont is clearly an equine artist of considerable repute. AMANDA MAC spoke to Lyn recently about her remarkable equine portraiture.

The beauty of Western

If you compete in either Western Reining or Western Pleasure riding, this is the article for you! CAROL BACKHOUSE and NATASHA HUMPHRIES are experts in creating a show-stopping look and kindly took the time to share some of their top tips.


Songs have been written about him, photographers adore him, and horse lovers travel long distances in the hope of catching a glimpse of him. N.J. QUINLAN brings us the remarkable story of Picasso, a living legend and America’s most famous wild mustang.

20 Questions
with Boyd Martin

With a career that’s spanned several continents and includes an impressive list of three day event successes, we were curious to know what makes the remarkable Boyd Martin tick.

Young Rider: Amelia Douglass

With a stellar year behind her, showjumper Amelia Douglass has no intention of slowing the pace. She spoke to AMANDA MAC about the story so far and her plans for the future.

No hoof, no horse

Never were there truer words spoken. Accredited Master Farrier DAVID FARMILO is on a mission to encourage horse owners to gain a better understanding of the horse’s hoof as an essential part of its well-being and performance.

All hail the Anglo-Arabian

From the grandeur of Grand Prix dressage to the stamina of endurance and eventing, the Anglo-Arabian has been a shining star in the equestrian world, as FRANCINE PULLMAN discovered.

Feeding before

Knowing how and what to feed your mare can have a huge impact on whether or not you breed from her successfully. LEISA HOFSTETTER offers some expert advice on the subject.

The importance of a balanced hoof

Flat feet is a much worse problem for horses than it sounds, writes CANDIDA BAKER who is currently rehabilitating a horse with negative palmar angles.

The story behind
a stellar brand

It is not by chance that Wendy Keddell has developed a breeding formula that’s producing internationally successful show jumping champions. GEOFF McLEAN of Gone Riding Media spoke to Wendy and dug deep to discover more.

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Candida travelled from Byron to Ballarat in search of answers for her Spotlight feature on Australia’s iconic Brumbies, and the complex issue of whether we can manage their populations humanely. In her Horse Listener column, she explains why negative palmar angles can cause joint issues, and looks at possible solutions.

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