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Informative, Inspirational & Aspirational


Breed – March 2019

Clydesdales – the Gentle Giants: Originally bred to be a work horse, these days the Clydesdale is as much admired for its temperament as for its work ethic, writes DANNII CUNNANE.  The Clydesdale, the Scottish gentle giant known for its beautiful flowing mane and feathery legs, is one of the most easily recognisable horses in …

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Breed – February 2019

The Marwari: The Marwari (also occasionally known as the Malani) is extremely rare. The horse was originally bred in India, in the Marwar (Jodpur) region, and is most famous for its ears, which have a distinctive inward turn.  India is rightly proud of its beautiful, distinctive and brave horse, which was used for centuries as …

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Nutrition – February 2019

Every horse needs minerals: Horse nutritionist LARISSA BILSTON gives HorseVibers the top ten reason why it’s so important that your horse has a balanced diet – including mineral supplementation. Nutrition is an important aspect of caring for our horses, but have you ever heard the following statements?  “I don’t need my horse to look like …

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