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Breed – Sept/Oct 2020

Big presence in a pony package: If you love cute and sassy over might and power, a smaller version of the elegant show hack may very well win you over, writes FRANCINE PULLMAN. If you love the look of those magnificent show hacks as they bound around the ring adorned with blue ribbons, makeup and …

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Breed – July/August 2020

All hail the Anglo-Arabian: From the grandeur of Grand Prix dressage to the stamina of endurance and eventing, the Anglo–Arabian has been a shining star in the equestrian world, as FRANCINE PULLMAN discovered.       Athletic, powerful, fast and magnificent, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Anglo-Arabian. One of the oldest developed …

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Breed – May/June 2020

The Sensational Shire: It’s not that long since the Shire Horse was teetering on the brink of extinction. But thanks to a timely revival, these magnificent horses have made a significant comeback, writes AMANDA MAC.   With their liquid brown eyes, kind spirit, and love of human contact, these gentle giants are very hard to …

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Breed – September 2019

The small but mighty Fallabella: The Falabella miniature horse rarely exceeding eight hands, but despite their tiny size AMANDA MAC was intrigued to learn that you never call them a ‘pony’.   Other than their size, Falabellas are proportioned similarly to other horses. Reminiscent of Thoroughbreds or Arabians in their conformation, they have small, compact bodies, …

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Breed – August 2019

The incredible Quarter Horse: The Quarter horse can reach speeds of just under 90kph, but as AMANDA MAC discovered, speed is only one of this breed’s extraordinary attributes. One look at the Quarter Horse’s compact confirmation and powerful build, and it’s not difficult to see why the breed is renowned for its speed and agility. …

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Breed – July 2019

The Royal Alter Real: Alter Reals are exceptionally rare, writes DANNII CUNNANE, and were originally only bred at a single stud, founded by the Portugese Royal family.  Although the Alter Real is a strain of the Lusitano, for many decades it was only bred at the Alter Real State Stud, located in Portugal. Its name comes …

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Breed – June 2019

The Hanoverian: The Hanoverian Horse has proved itself as the ultimate performance, for well over a century, writes DANNII CUNNANE.  The Hanoverian is an incredibly popular warmblood breed throughout the world, well known for its athletic and sporting prowess in the main Olympic disciplines. Whether it’s their expressive paces in dressage or their immense power …

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Breed – April 2019

Cleveland Bay: The Cleveland Bay is one of England’s most versatile, oldest and most rare breeds, writes DANNII CUNNANE. The Cleveland Bay originated in North Yorkshire sometime during the 1600’s – although it’s not known accurately how old the breed really is since records weren’t kept until 1884. The horse is named after the Cleveland …

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Breed – March 2019

Clydesdales – the Gentle Giants: Originally bred to be a work horse, these days the Clydesdale is as much admired for its temperament as for its work ethic, writes DANNII CUNNANE.  The Clydesdale, the Scottish gentle giant known for its beautiful flowing mane and feathery legs, is one of the most easily recognisable horses in …

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