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Nutrition – Sept/Oct 2020

Regional challenges in feeding: With regions ranging from cool temperate, temperate, arid, subtropical and tropical, the Australian climate poses some interesting feeding challenges, writes LARISSA BILSTON.      Australian horse owners face very different management challenges depending on the climatic zone they live in. The impact of climate on pastures, feed quality and availability across different …

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Nutrition – December 2019

Digestion does best when it’s as nature intended: The domestication of horses poses unique challenges for digestive health, writes DAWN BLACKWELL, who gives us an explanation of our horses’ digestive systems.  If you think about the digestive process, digestion begins with chewing and the essential production of saliva.   Your horse feels with her whiskers; grasps, …

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Nutrition – August 2019

Preparing your stallion for the breeding season: Careful attention to pre-season nutrition will pay dividends, writes nutritionist LARISSA BILSTON. Although breeding is obviously a natural function for stallions, fertility levels don’t have to be left to genetics and luck alone.  For instance, it’s important to take care of routine dental work, worm counts and worming, …

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Nutrition – July 2019

Managing the mums: Animal nutritionist LARISSA BILSTON explains why the higher nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating mares is so important. As we move into spring, many brood mares move into their final months of gestation signalling higher nutritional requirements. Have you thought about what you’ll need to feed your mare from now until she …

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Nutrition – February 2019

Every horse needs minerals: Horse nutritionist LARISSA BILSTON gives HorseVibers the top ten reason why it’s so important that your horse has a balanced diet – including mineral supplementation. Nutrition is an important aspect of caring for our horses, but have you ever heard the following statements?  “I don’t need my horse to look like …

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