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Delivering Dreams Scholarship


At HorseVibes we understand firsthand that at every level, equestrian sports are costly – in both time and money.

The Delivering Dreams Scholarship has been established to support equestrians who have talent, dedication and passion, but require assistance to pursue their goals and reach the next level.  It is open to any age or skill level.

The Delivering Dreams scholarship will be awarded quarterly in February, April, July and October of each year, to a deserving recipient in order to help them gain the education and skills they require to progress in their chosen discipline.

One scholarship will be awarded quarterly to a deserving recipient so they may gain the education and skills required to progress in their chosen discipline. An announcement and profile on the worthy recipient will be published in HorseVibes magazine and on social media.

Closing dates for entries are:

15th September, 2019 (announced in November 2019 edition)
15th December, 2019 (announced in February 2020 edition)
15th March, 2020 (announced in May 2020 edition
15th June, 2020 (announced in August 2020 edition)


Thank you for your interest in the HorseVibes Scholarship opportunity.

HorseVibes is committed to educating and offering information to all avid horse enthusiasts in order that they can further their equine knowledge.

The Delivering Dreams Scholarship will be awarded to deserving HorseVibes readers who have the talent, passion and dedication for horses, but need financial assistance to go further and reach their goals.

The Delivering Dreams Scholarship opportunity will allow recipients to gain skills either in the saddle via ridden lessons, or via education to up-skill in horse husbandry, equine health or breeding programs.

To apply, please read the Delivering Dreams Scholarship terms and conditions, complete and submit the form below.

Please note that we will also require a reference from your coach or a mentor.

What’s On Offer

The recipient will receive equestrian products donated by our sponsors, and instruction and mentoring from a relevant and qualified professional as selected by HorseVibes.


To be eligible for a scholarship the applicant must be:

1.   A HorseVibes magazine subscriber;

2.   An Australian permanent resident;

3.   Involved in one of the following equine disciplines:

a.  Riding

i.     Introduction – learning to ride

ii.     Endurance

iii.     Dressage

iv.     Show jumping

v.     Eventing

vi.     Western (Barrels, Cutting, Dressage)

vii.     Carriage driving

viii.     Side saddle

​ix. Trick Riding

b.  Non-riding

i.     Liberty

ii.     Equine health

iii.     Breeding programs; and

4. Committed to providing regular updates on their activities and progress which will be featured in HorseVibes magazine, social media, emails and on the HorseVibes website.

The Selection Criteria

The scholarship will be awarded, at the discretion of the HorseVibes selection committee, to the applicants showing the greatest merit as demonstrated by:

1. dedication and ambition
2. achievements and capabilities; and
3. demonstrated desire

Short listed applicants and their referee will be contacted for a phone interview.

View the Scholarship Terms and Conditions

HorseVibes - Delivering Dreams Scholarship Application form

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