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HorseVibes August 2019

To help all you eager horse owners out there prepare for the foaling/breeding season we have a great article on keeping stallions in prime condition – part of our continuing series of articles on horse nutrition, by nutritionist Larissa Bilton.

Speaking of stallions – check out Candy’s ‘Our Hero’ profile on dressage rider David Shoobridge – dressage trainer, breeder and rider during the week and Pony Club Dad at the weekend!  Our Training Tips is by Mick Taylor, a champion reiner, who talks about the softness and feel necessary to create a top reining horse – with the most wonderful photos to accompany the article.

Fittingly perhaps, our breed is the majestic Quarter Horse, bred for strength, speed and stamina, and in the world of endurance, it’s Arabians who are the Kings and Queens of the sport.

This month we take a look at all aspects of endurance, from the historical, to a personal story from Liz Terry, Ruth White and Michelle Beatty about the highs and lows of getting a horse (and rider) through the 160-kilometre ride.



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